Interior & Exterior Demolition

Make Way for Something New

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Whether you're remodeling or starting from scratch, don't leave your demolition project to just anyone. S & A Debris Removal is your top choice for careful and concise demolition for homes and businesses. Our professional contractors have the knowledge and skill to safely remove walls and gut your bathrooms, kitchens and offices. We can take down decks, home additions and buildings up to 2.5 stories tall. We take away the garbage and the mess after demolition. Get your space ready for your contractor or yourself!

Clear the way for something better by calling (716) 683-5420. We'll happily give you a free project estimate.

Why hire demolition professionals?

While knocking out and tearing down walls may seem fairly straightforward, there is a lot to look out for. S & A Debris Removal has the experience to:

  • Maneuver around plumbing and electrical wire.
  • Avoid or stabilize load-bearing walls.
  • Completely gut and demolish your building.
  • Take away the garbage and mess.
  • Haul away debris.

Don't risk dangerous or irreversible demolition mistakes. No dumpsters are needed! Reach out to S & A Debris Removal to schedule our professional demolition services today.